3/4: Announcing Area 34 Brewing

We’re approaching our startup like any good craft beer — with passion, patience and persistence.

The idea to open a brewery started as a search for a business that lived up to the potential of a rural NY property purchased as a homestead in the ’70s. As the Lonsky family members are not employed by farming or otherwise working the land, it is managed with piecemeal activities that are not likely to produce enough income to sustain the farm into the future.

The tide of change has provided new opportunities. New York State has recognized the farm brewing industry and is providing incentives to encourage NY agricultural inputs and production. The craft beer industry is booming as more people find increasing satisfaction drinking artesanal beers with a multitude of styles. The beer renaissance has given license to brewers to try a wide variety of grains, hops, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, shoots, spices and just about anything else that creates a noteworthy brew. The charge of craft brewers encourages the discovery and adoption of fresh, creative flavors which are, more and more, from local sources.

This is just the beginning of our story, but the brewing industry has been part of civilization for millennia. Some have credited it FOR civilization. Whatever you believe, the time seems right for this particular brewery.

This is an appeal for your contribution and feedback. We consider the wider purpose of building a brewery. The brewery is a first step toward the goal of creating a destination where the beer is one of many reasons to visit. There are numerous ways to develop tourist-friendly sites, exploration and activities.

As far as the name goes, it has many dimensions of meaning. The brewery is breaking ground in the area bounded by Routes 34 & 34B though “we are not alone” and we look forward to more craft breweries dotting the region. We’ve always enjoyed the fantasy and possibility of science fiction, thus the name is also an homage to the popular extraterrestrial research site Area 51. We look forward to including inspirational, thought-provoking technology in our operations and environment.

It has been an adventure of discovery just to reach this starting point. There are many new frontiers to explore. We welcome you to join us in building and brewing a better tomorrow. We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign soon. Thanks for visiting!

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