Why Crowdfund?

Two weeks ago, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to start a craft beer brewery in NY. Will my appeal yield collaborative support for the business? Can contributing to an idea share in a collective experience? The “crowd” in crowdfunding is comprised of many potential groups. My hopes are directed at family, friends and acquaintences. Campaign rewards are small tokens of recognition for contributors. What bold purpose would compel you to give? My consideration of crowdfunding begins with electronic marketing and design, however I’m discovering the spirit of expression which encourages the promotion of ideas.

Everyone Understands a Hammer
A business idea is an expression. An expression is a commitment to form. Personal identity is integral to its development. The shadow of your identity, what you don’t know, is an opportunity for growth as you learn by doing. Any product must be created before it can be grasped and used. Promoting an idea is an achievement. Prepare to knock on doors and build doorways. Crowdfunding exists on the principle that social and financial capital are related. However, a sales pitch can be annoying. Marketing an idea runs the risk of being impersonal. We encourage you to keep it personal and contact us with any questions or comments. We truly want to share this experience, and eventually some beers, with you.

Paint Your Cave
Public display and dissemination of ideas invites feedback. Along with your growing archive of activities, so too your understanding of your skills, attitudes, perspectives and purpose. What is YOUR story? The best stories are rich with detail and personality. How are monuments built? Work on your own and you’ll find it’s easier to work together with others. It’s worth an exciting presentation. How do we broadcast ourselves? Who do we leave our ideas to? If a cave isn’t your thing, what do you like? What is your character? What do you promote?

We All Wear Many Hats
Our roles in society are varied. In the best relationships, roles are freely exchanged and offer mutual benefits such as reducing friction and offering respect. It’s in your interest to support someone who supports you. If a need exists, the opportunity is equally great. To ask is a big step. Traditional funding puts money in a singular category while sharing in a group can provide greater accountability and accessibility among peers. Why not offer an identity among the myriad others we interact and inhabit?

Acknowledgement and Approval
I’d like to acknowledge the family and friends who have already given in this campaign as well as the contributions of support at other times in many other forms. There’s not much more direct indication of interest in your idea from your family and friends. Offering approval is almost as gratifying as receiving it. It’s a reciprocal relationship when gratitude flows circularly. A modest contribution is a generous and favorable vote. Start a positive feedback loop and create a cooperative framework for funding and assistance. Throw the dog a bone.

Make Your Mark
Business plans are ingrained in the fabric of citizenship in capitalist societies. The fruits of your labor can be something you decide to grow. Many systems in the U.S. serve you as a corporate entity. To exercise your citizenship in a larger sphere requires more strategy and identification with a future economy you are participating in. The pen has largely been replaced, but words are as valid as ever. Systems that arrange and organize work help to transform our lives.

Celebrate It
Enthusiasm is magnified by sharing it. We’ve all heard that life is a journey, not just a destination. Embrace experience and if you have anything to express, do it. An expression is an end in and of itself. Results will follow your statement of intent. Be a noisy friend. Well, maybe not noisy, but insistent. Whatever comes of it, remember that there is alway more to be gained than lost. Consider the impetus for your goals and how they have driven your daily thoughts. Each action you take has a complex history of where you’ve been and where you want to be. Most of all, have fun with it. It is something we can celebrate together.

Thanks for contributing.

Stay Tuned: Adventures in Beer (Part I) coming soon. Cheers!

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